Posted by Rheetha Lawlor on Tuesday, Aug 7th, 2012.

I used to think that everything was perfect in the 50's, like in Leave it to Beaver (the tv show- watch TV land if you don't know what I'm talking about). But in Okay for Now, people had problems, sometimes worse because everything was supposed to be perfect. Doug just moved to a new town, and has to deal with his older brother (usually a jerk), his father who drank way too much, and mother who was trying her best to keep all the pieces together. But this book made me laugh, in a way that only Gary Schmidt can. I didn't feel sorry for Doug; I felt like I was winning with him towards the end. Highly recommended for both girls and boys alike.
Posted by Librarian Lawlor on Friday, Dec 19th, 2008.
A young man moves to a small town in high school, wanting nothing more than to join the tightly clad football team. Quickly he becomes friends with the head cheerleader, but that is the only positive he encounters, despite learning to be a successful defensive player even though he wants to be the first string quarterback. The key relationship in the book, though is the mysterious older man who acts like a teenager full of pranks, despite his more mature years.
Pop was a great book that surprised me at the end. Korman wrote a book that had me turning the pages, waiting for the next surprise at the end. Although I don't usually read sports books, this one was intriguing and is highly recommended for both boys and girls.
~Librarian Lawlor