Measurement Unit

Not included in these lessons was that we started each day doing SOL 4 Today and a review of the classwork/homework from the previous day.  With all assignments, it is necessary to rotate around the room checking problems as they go answering questions, redirecting, etc...  Anything not completed in class becomes homework.

They CAN use a calculator for this strand - I made them always set up the problem first though.

We also went to the computer lab once a week for practice - you could always tell them to do this at home if they have access to a computer.  There were other things I did but I was not able to locate them and/or did not have them in my plans.

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These were emergency plans for when we lost our building and we had to work out of two local churches.


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doc File MeasurementBenchmarksVisual.doc
This provides a visual for "Benchmarks" students need to know for Measurement
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259.00 Kb 02/12/10
pdf File when_i_say1.pdf
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