Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Earth Science is the study of Earth and its place in outer space.  Students will be introduced to the following branches involved in the study of Earth Science: Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography.  In addition, students will apply scienctific investigation to the solving of problems and will work with methods utilized in the process of scientific theory and measurement.  Through lectures, discussions, lab investigations, and a variety of additional activities students will learn the organization of Earth, its structure, formation, and unstable components.  Finally, students will focus their attention the history of the Earth, its atmosphere, weather, climate, resources, and environment.


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pdf File Earths_Spheres_and_Systems.pdf
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1.02 MB 10/13/09 Notes
pdf File Forces_of_Erosion_-_Surface_Water,_Wind_and_Ice_-_2009.pdf
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2.41 MB 01/21/10 Notes
pdf File Geologic_Time_-_Teachers_Notes_-_2010.pdf
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1.23 MB 04/14/10 Notes
pdf File Laboratory_Safety_Regulations_-_2009_-_Door_Posting_and_Sy….pdf
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7.02 Kb 09/03/10 Rules
pdf File Mapping_-_Latitude_and_Longitude_.pdf
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1.72 MB 10/13/09 Notes
pdf File Minerals_Powerpoint.pdf
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2.14 MB 11/03/09 Notes
doc File PreAP_Earth_Science_Syllabus_-_2013_and_2014.doc
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51.50 Kb 09/11/13 Syllabus
pdf File Renewable_and_Nonrenewable_Resources_-_Teacher.pdf
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814.43 Kb 12/15/09 Notes
pdf File Rocks_Powerpoint.pdf
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2.53 MB 11/03/09 Notes
pdf File Rock_Cycle_and_Rocks_Powerpoint.pdf
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666.44 Kb 11/03/09 Notes
pdf File Scientific_Method_Teacher_Notes_-_2010_-_AF.pdf
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1.27 MB 09/03/10 Notes
pdf File Topographic_Maps.pdf
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1.71 MB 10/13/09 Notes
pdf File Weathering_and_Soil_-_Teacher_-_2009.pdf
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2.15 MB 12/15/09 Notes
pdf File Why_Study_Earth_Science_-_2010.pdf
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3.06 MB 09/03/10 Notes


Pearson, Earth Science (2013)