Current Events- Branches of Government (2)
March is based on the three branches of government.
Current Events- Citizenship & Political Principals (7)
Here are some resources for current events from newspapers, minimally biased websites, and magazines.
Current Events- Economics (10)
Current Events-Political Systems (7)
Political Systems (political parties, elections, electoral college, interest groups)
Mr. Hawkin's class (3)
Links to valid sites regarding the President's of the United States.
Mr. Lopez's Class (3)

Links to information about mathematicians.

Mrs. Harding/Mrs. Thomas English 8 (3)
Three sites to be used with the Website Evaluation activity
Search Engines (9)
These search engines include alternates to Google, Yahoo, and LiveSearch (MSN).
What to read next (4)
This is a resource of what to possibly read next or some ideas of where to start looking for new genres.
White House Dinner (17)
For Social Studies 8th grade

American History Timeline
Blueford audio books
Free! You may download these books to any device or listen to them on your computer.