During the month of September there are a handful of things that I would like to address. First and most importantly I like to introduce myself to the students and help them get accustomed to their new classrooms. During this month my large group lessons focus on what my job is and how students can come to see me. If you would like your child to see me please contact me by email, phone, or send a note with your child to school.

Students can see me individually (one on one), in small group (with about 5 other students), or in the large group lessons. Small groups and individual counseling will start around September 28th for regular sessions. Any child who needs to see me once or twice between the beginning of the year and the 28th are welcome. **Each student is allowed to request counseling and parent permission will be requested if your child will need to have regular sessions.

There are additional services that I can refer your child to that will help them in the best way possible. The easiest way to determine what would be best I ask that you please call me or meet with me. Additionally you can request that your child have a peer mentor from Osbourn High School. If you choose to request this I will work with your child's teacher to help determine the best way for the mentor to work with your child.