Other Services Available:

Small Group Counseling, Parent Resource Nights, Peer Mentoring, and Counseling Referrals

You are also welcome to use counseling services for small group counseling to address a specific need of your child or individual counseling. Small groups are run based on the needs of our students. Please contact me if you would like your child to be included and to help choose the best group for your child.

2010-2011 Parent Resource Nights: This year we are offering three Parents resource nights. The first will be the Annual Clothing Swap (tentatively scheduled for November 4th). The second will be a Safety Night hosted at Baldwin Elementary (tentatively scheduled for January). The third is a Community Resource Fair to be hosted at Weems Elementary (tentatively scheduled for April 11). More information will follow including the ability to attend or volunteer at these events.

We are also pleased to offer referrals to Peer Mentoring, outside counseling, and other community resources upon request. If you would like to discuss what services are available to your and your child please contact me via email or calling at 571-377-6214.