Osbourn High School Peer Mentoring Program



The Osbourn High School Peer Mentoring Program is the most powerful educational program that I have seen in my twenty-one years of teaching. As the instructor of this highly effective program, I have the privilege of preparing our peer mentors to serve as additional resources in your classroom with students that have "extra" needs. Peer mentors have the unique ability to enhance student achievement with younger students.We train our peer mentors to be positive role models for our younger children…a "big-brother/big-sister" program, if you will.

Who's a peer mentor?

High school students in grades 10th through 12th. High school students can take up to three years of the program. The mission is to enhance student achievement one student at a time. Peer mentors can provide individual or small group assistance where needed. The classroom teacher has the flexibility to utilize peer mentors as needed just as long as they are used as mentors, not as "gophers". Ask your school counselor or colleague how positive this program can be in your classroom!

Since the high school works off an alternating eight-block schedule, peer mentors will alternate their visits (one group goes out on G-days and the other on B-days). While each school takes time to recognize their students with "extra" needs, our peer mentors go through an eight-week leadership training program that prepares them for the challenges ahead. Our goal is to complete the training then have all the schools ready with their list of "needs" by October 30th.

Once assignments have been made, peer mentors go out into the schools trying their best to make a positive impression. They usually arrive at their assigned school by 1:00pm and leave by 2:00. If they stay later, they receive community service. They are required to complete ten hours of community service per semester.


What does it take to be a successful peer mentor?

  • Attendance (communication)
  • Appearance (appropriate attire)
  • Attitude (positive)
  • Approachable (character)
  • Achievement (enhanced for ALL students)


What does an assigned teacher need to do?

Identify their needs

  • how many peer mentors, male/female, ethnicity, etc.

Develop an action plan for peer mentors to follow during their visits

  • teachers can design action plans based on their needs
  • once a routine is establish, instruction should not be interrupted

Communicate with building counselor and/or peer mentoring program instructor

  • email positive/negative comments as they occur
  • Make a connection with your assigned peer mentor (trust & respect)


Goals: To increase student achievement and decrease disciplinary issues!



For additional information contact:

Jeff Van Wassen, Instructor


571-377-7000 (school)