Payroll is responsible for the final payroll process that issues payment by direct deposit or payroll checks to all full time, part-time, substitutes and temporary/hourly employees of the Manassas City School Board. To accomplish this, the Payroll Office verifies, balances and processes all time submitted. In addition, Payroll processes change requests from employees with regard to W-4, VA-4, direct deposit authorization, address/name changes, as well as voluntary deductions, such as Prince William Credit Union and Manassas Education Association dues.  Payroll also assists employees with any questions and concerns regarding paychecks and payroll issues. 

Payroll processes and transmits Federal and State payroll taxes as well as correct payments to payroll vendors. Payroll works with Federal, State and local government agencies with regard to wage withholding orders and is responsible for requests of specific payroll records from other outside sources. 

All full time employees are compensated on a semi-monthly basis in 24 equal installments on a current pay period basis. Substitutes and temporary/hourly employees are paid on a one pay period lag basis.  Overtime and additional pay are also paid on a one pay period lag basis.

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