This Month's Administrative Message

Dear Parents:

As the first semester comes to a close, I hope that you and your children will reflect

upon their grades and have a conversation regarding their academic standing. You, as

parents, are an important part of your children’s success. Please keep the lines of communication

open between you, your children, their teachers, and our school. It is imperative

that as a team we not only help your children succeed this year, but also prepare

them for the future. Please speak with your children about the goals they have set, how

they plan to achieve those goals, and where they stand with those goals. If they have not

yet set goals, please help them do so. A few suggestions are: getting a better night’s

sleep; reading more frequently; eating a healthy breakfast; making sure their class work

and homework are complete and turned in; and asking teachers for assistance when necessary.

Our staff is committed to your children and their success. We know you are too. Together

we can help our students succeed by motivating them to learn, planning appropriately

for and presenting exhilarating instruction, and openly

communicating with each other.


Jeff S. Abt