Smartboard Tutorials and Quick Reference Guides

Notebook software basic tutorial - Basic overview of software

Touch, Write and Save - Basic overview of software

SMART Exchange - a variety of SMART Notebook lesson activities, SMART Response question sets, links to useful websites and multimedia resources.

Digital Ink Layer - When this layer is in place, it allows you to save what you have written on the board. 

Objects in Notebook Software 10 (2.4 MB)
Watch this tutorial to see how to create, select, move, resize and rotate objects in Notebook software.

Lesson Activity Toolkit - The Toolkit helps you create engaging like word games, quizzes, crossword puzzles and sorting tables.

Ink Aware Basics - how to write and draw directly into an active file.


Quick Reference Guides

  • Collecting and Sharing Content – PDF
  • Toolbars and Tabs in SMART Notebook Software – PDF
  • Hardware basics for SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards – PDF
  • Working with SMART Notebook Gallery Collections – PDF
  • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basic Functionality – PDF

Self-paced tutorials

  • SMART Notebook Software Basics – Flash
  • Using the Page Sorter in SMART Notebook Software – Flash
  • Using the Properties Tab in SMART Notebook software – Flash
  • Using Objects in SMART Notebook software – Flash
  • Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink – Flash
  • Using the Gallery in SMART Notebook Software – Flash
  • Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit in SMART Notebook Software – Flash