Dr. Toogood continues to lead the Dean Elementary School community with a clear mission and vision.  The mission and vision are connected through the school’s mantra: “Achieving Success: Now and For the Future.” As he enters his fifth year at the helm of this robust elementary school he continues to invigorate and promote excellence in every area of the school.  Dr. Toogood, after spending significant time interacting with the school’s staff and resources, continues to implement a vigorous plan to raise the level of achievement and sustain the excellence that is so much a part of the tradition of the school. Under the leadership of the Dr. Catherine Magouyrk (MCPS Superintendent of Schools), Dr. Toogood is leading his staff in implementing a new instructional framework entitled “Learning-Focused.”  This is a researched based program that is proven to increase teacher effectiveness and accelerate learning. 

This school year Dr. Toogood has outlined several goals for the school which include targeting the demonstration of comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction texts for literacy.  For mathematics, the target is number and number sense as the foundation for success in every strand.  Dr. Toogood has presented a comprehensive plan to tackle the science and social studies goals through adding a specific writing component to ensure a depth of knowledge that is greater than recalling and remembering facts. After a close examination with the leadership team, and the full staff, Jennie Dean is on a course with the destination being success for every student!  Dr. Toogood firmly feels "A firm foundation has already been laid. As we build upon it, we will do so with a clear vision, a strong sense of determination, and firm dedication. The journey ahead of us is paved with the strength of an aligned curriculum, a competent staff, and most importantly, motivated scholars. Together we WILL achieve our best!"