Mayfield PTA is Parents and Teachers, Grandparents and School Administrators, extended Family Members, School Staff, Caregivers, and Community Members.  Working together, we are ONE voice for EVERY child in our school.Goals for this school year are to promote child advocacy by:

·Conducting informative meetings for our Parents

·Supporting school programs that enrich quality education, and

·Hosting family events to promote fellowship and appreciation among our school family

Your $5 membership fee is your commitment to supporting these efforts.  Additional fundraisers are held to meet the financial goals of the organization in providing these opportunities.

COMMUNICATION:  We want to be able to share information and news of our efforts, activities, meetings, and events with our membership AND to everyone in the Mayfield Family.  "Like" our Facebook page to stay informed of our latest efforts.  Monthly meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each school month in room 1021 at 6:30pm