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The College Board has announced that the Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Fee Reduction for low-income students will be $26 per exam for the 2014 exam administration.
This fee reduction is for students from low-income families that meet the eligibility criteria.  This fee reduction amount is the same as 2013.  The AP Exam fee for 2014 did not increase from 2013, and once again will be $89, with schools retaining an $8 rebate per exam.  For low-income students, the $8 rebate is waived, resulting in an exam fee of $55 per exam for low-income students.
2014 Low-Income Student AP Exam Fee Breakdown
College Board AP Exam Fee Reduction
Low-Income Student Fee
School Rebate (Waived for Low-Income Students)
Total Fee per Exam


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Students should always receive a receipt at the time of payment except when making a purchase for which the student immediately receives a product. For instance, a student purchasing a P. E. uniform will receive the uniform at time of payment so they will not receive a receipt. However, a student paying their class dues, Athletic Activity Fee, class lab fee, etc. will receive a numbered receipt at time of payment.